Unisex thermal gloves

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  • Windproof and water-resistant

  • Non-slip silicone palm

  • Allows use of touchscreen

  • Provides warmth in up to -30°C

  • Adjustable zipper

Tired of your gloves getting wet? These water-resistant thermal gloves are the perfect solution for those freezing winter days.

thermal gloves | water-resistant gloves | windproof gloves -

Thermal fabric to keep you warm when it´s freezing

These thermal gloves are ideal for the cold weather. They have an inner layer of soft plush fabric insulation to keep your hands toasty warm. The top layer fabric is high-quality water resistant material. The palms also include non-slip silicone pads so you can still work easily while wearing the gloves.

Despite the different layers of fabric, the gloves are thin and easy to work in. They'll protect your hands in temperatures down to -30°C. You could even play in the snow and not get cold hands!

Unisex thermal gloves - Thermal fabric to keep you warm when it´s freezing -

Suitable for all outdoor activities

Do you go cycling? How about hiking or running? These windproof thermal gloves are for you. Even if it rains, you won't get any water penetration. Do you get cold hands while you're driving? The non-slip palms are perfect for gripping the steering wheel. What about skiing? No problem! They'll keep the warmth in without any hassle and are very flexible.

Not sure whether they'll hold up when you walk the dog? The double stitching and resistant design make these gloves extremely sturdy and durable. You'll be impressed with their beautiful workmanship. They'll stand up to plenty of hard work and are great for hanging onto your dog's lead. Some even do their gardening in these gloves!

Unisex thermal gloves - Suitable for all outdoor activities -

Use with a touchscreen

One of the best features of these thermal gloves is the conductive material on the fingertips. You'll be able to use your phone or tablet without the hassle of having to take off your gloves. The gloves are compatible with Apple, Android, and other touchscreen devices. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are all equipped with conductive fabric tips.

Unisex thermal gloves - Use with a touchscreen -

Comfortable and cosy

You might assume that water-resistant, windproof, super warm gloves would have to be pretty bulky, right? But not these gloves. They're surprisingly slender and supple. Many feel that they're elegant and dressy enough to wear them anywhere. You'll likely find they fit like a second skin. And despite their sturdiness, they're relatively thin and feel lightweight. They're perfect for working outdoors.

What size should you choose? Small and medium will fit most women's hands. Large is suitable for most men's hand sizes. If you have extra-large hands, choose size XL.

Unisex thermal gloves - Comfortable and cosy -

Windproof, adjustable zipper

The gloves have adjustable zippers. These will keep the gloves snug but not tight against your wrists. The zipper is windproof too, so you won't get any draughts making it through to chill your skin. The zips are easy to do up with one gloved hand while you're putting the other one on. You'll find the gloves are flexible enough for almost any outdoor activity.

Unisex thermal gloves - Windproof, adjustable zipper -

Technical characteristics :

  • Color: black, blue, orange, or purple
  • Material: 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: S, M, XL
  • Type of glove: Full finger
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    Included :

    1 x pair of thermal gloves

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