Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp

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  • High Aesthetic Appeal

  • Intelligent

  • Multiple Colour Modes

  • High-quality Build

  • Practical

Ensure you have a lamp that gives you multiple colour options and improves the aesthetic appeal of your home with this intelligent acrylic crystal desk lamp.

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Crystal Table Lamp - Diamond Desk Decoration Lamp -

High Aesthetic Appeal

Home or office decor is certainly one part of your life you do not want to underplay or skimp because the value of a good first impression is on the high side. This is why you should always ensure you are intentional about what you incorporate into your home’s decor. Speaking of decor, this acrylic crystal lamp is certainly one you will want to get for yourself.

This is because it has a very high aesthetic appeal. This lamp has an elegant crystal design that ensures it will always attract attention wherever you keep it in your home, and it will certainly contribute to improving your home decor quality. This crystal table lamp will definitely give your home that exquisite, elegant effect!

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - High Aesthetic Appeal -


There are several desk and table lamps for sale on the market these days, and these lamps are often available in several shapes, sizes and designs. This elegant crystal table lamp, however, stands out from the “pack” thanks to its intelligent design. Normally, you will need to press an inbuilt button or switch to control a lamp or change the colour hues (for multiple hue lamps). This lamp, however, has an intelligent build that ensures you will be able to simply control and adjust it by touch! All you’d have to do is simply touch the metal ring on the lamp, and just like that, you will be able to switch between several colour hues. Amazing right?

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Intelligent  -

Multiple Colour Modes

One very common problem with most desk and table lamps is the fact that they usually only have one (or at most two different colour hues). This usually means that you will be stuck with a lamp that you will not be able to adjust to suit your aesthetic or mood preference.

This crystal table lamp, however, is different in that it has different light modes You will be able to select different light hues like warm light and white light. You will also be able to select a lighting intensity you prefer. This ensures you will always have the perfect lighting option to match the mood you are trying to set per time.

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Multiple Colour Modes

High-quality Build

Now you may be thinking, “This acrylic crystal lamp looks so fragile, so will it last long?” The answer to that excellent question is YES. This is because this particular lamp, despite its fragile look, is made with high-quality materials. These materials ensure the table lamp will remain durable and not easily scratch or spoil.

This lamp also has a very efficient power consumption system that ensures it will remain functional for long periods after each single charge.

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - High-quality Build


One other factor that makes this crystal table lamp so perfect for in-home is that it has a lightweight, portable design. This ensures you will be able to easily carry it and place it anywhere in your home or office without stress.

Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Portable

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Variation: Touch sensor
  • Plug: USB
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Input voltage: 5V 0.3A
  • Product size: D150 x H260mm
    Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Table Lamp

    1 x USB Cable

    Acrylic Crystal Desk Lamp - Package -
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    Lampadina ottima luce. Speriamo che duri!