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  • Convenient to use

  • High-quality materials

  • Portable

  • Easy to Install

  • Adjustable

Easily keep your pets out of rooms you don't want them to enter with this adjustable, portable mesh dog fence.

Adjustable Dog Safety Gate - Mesh Dog Fence - Pet Barrier Fence -

Convenient to Use

Instead of making permanent, somewhat uncomfortable changes to your house, why not opt for a dog fence option that allows you to fix and remove barriers at will? This net is strong enough to prevent pets from going past when you set it up, and you can easily unhook it when you want to pass. This helps to make sure it will only be a minor cause of obstruction, one that is easy to fix and remove as needed!

Mesh Dog Fence - Convenient to Use -

Made of High-Quality Durable Materials

The barricade you want to use to prevent your pets from leaving or entering a particular location must be strong enough to resist pressure without tearing, right? This barrier net can withstand potential clawing or chewing by dogs or cats. It's made of sturdy and durable polyester and nylon fabric. The net is also incredibly thick to ensure it's not easily damaged.

Mesh Dog Fence - Made of High-Quality Durable Materials -


One major problem with making permanent changes to your home's structure to keep out your pets from certain areas is that they are precisely that… permanent! This means that you won't be able to move these "permanent" fences around the house as needed. However, this adjustable mesh dog fence allows you to do just that. The net is lightweight, so carrying it around the house to put it exactly where you want will not be a problem. You can even carry it along with you when you're traveling with your pets!

Mesh Dog Fence - Portable -

Easy to Install

If you've ever tried constructing a fence of any type or size and someone asks you to talk about your experience, you probably didn't say it was easy. This is because there are quite a lot of technicalities to keep track of. Installing a "mini-fence" indoors can be even more complex. But you don't actually have to go through all that. This is because, with this mesh dog fence, the only major decision you have to make is where you want to install it. The net fence is very easy to install.

To install, just follow the steps below:
Unfold the mesh net.
Extend the net's two metal posts to the length required to cover the opening you want to close.
Fix the net's sticky hooks to each side of the opening.
Hang the mesh net on the four hooks.
That's all!

Mesh Dog Fence - Easy to Install -


Do you have pets? If you do, you will know just how frustrating and tiring trying to keep them out of specific locations in the house can be. More often than not, you try to build these boundaries for their protection, but they still find a way past it. To make sure this doesn't happen, many people end up making permanent structural changes to their houses. But these changes themselves could serve as obstructions to easy movement. Well, you don't have to look into making permanent changes in your house.

With this adjustable mesh dog fence, you can easily ensure your pets don't get into anywhere you don't want them to. This fence reaches to 72cm in height and 180cm in width! This makes sure it will keep out even big pets, and it should fit most openings you want to close off to your pets. How convenient!

Mesh Dog Fence - Adjustable -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Cloth
  • 2cm Extended Strap
  • Size: 110 × 72cm (240g)/180cm x 72cm (300g)
    Mesh Dog Fence - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Woven fabric

    2 x Retractable rods

    8 x Adhesive hooks

    Mesh Dog Fence - Package -
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