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  • No battery required

  • Two game modes

  • Educational toy

  • BPA free

  • Aerodynamic

Have a lot of fun with your children while you are educating them with the power balloon car toy launcher.

Balloon car toy launcher│Launch Tower Toy│Balloon Toy car rocket - Ozerty

Non toxic

When it comes to toys for the little ones, the rule is simple - safety first. This power balloon car is made of high-quality ABS plastic - a material that is safe for use by children and non-toxic.

Moreover the toy is completely BPA free, which means that it does not contain harmful elements and it is safe for your baby and children.

Balloon car toy launcher - Non toxic - Ozerty

Durable and eco-friendly

Another advantage of ABS plastic is that it is very durable. It is a hard material resistant to impacts, scratches and cracks. This balloon toy can withstand prolonged playing, throws, falls and impacts.
Thus, your child will have a great toy that will accompany him in playtime while growing.

Since the bumper cars are powered by air from balloons, no form of power supply is needed, meaning you do not need to buy any batteries or charge the toy. A durable and environmentally friendly toy your kid can play with any time inside or outside.

Balloon car toy launcher - Durable and eco-friendly - Ozerty

Safe for skin

The toy is approved for use by children from 3 years of age, because it is designed with their safety in mind. The material of this balloon toy is carefully smoothed and safe for the baby's delicate skin, avoiding unnecessary scratches. Besides, all the edges and corners are rounded to avoid injuries and make playtime a joyful time for your little one.

Balloon car toy launcher - Safe for skin - Ozerty

Educational toy

This toy is not only for fun. It is also intended to educate your children. Beautiful, intense colours stimulate the child's creativity. The dynamics of the game itself develops his motor skills and precision of movements.

The whole mechanics of the toy is based on the basic principles of aerodynamics, because in order to make the car move, you need to inflate the balloon, which moves the vehicle.

Balloon car toy launcher - Educational toy - Ozerty

2 play modes

The set consists of many accessories - a manual car pump and a rocket launch tower. Your kids may move the cars or launch a rocket and a spaceman into the air. It comes with 3 cars, a rocket, a spaceman and colourful balloons. The number of possibilities to play is endless and with this toy your children will never be bored and can play with other friends or family.

Balloon car toy launcher - 2 play modes - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Car pump size (L x W x H): 13.5cm x 11.5cm x 20cm
  • Car size (L x W x H): 9.3cm x 5cm x 5cm
  • Launch tower size (L x W x H): 13cm x 9cm x 21cm
  • Plane size (L x W x H): 8cm x 6.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Type of plastic: Premium ABS
  • Applicable age: 3+
    Balloon car toy launcher - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Manual balloon pump

    3 x Mini racing cars

    12 x Balloons (random colours)

    1 x Launch tower

    1 x Rocket

    1 x Spaceman

    Balloon car toy launcher - Package - Ozerty
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