Disposable Toilet Brush Set

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  • Disposable brush

  • High-quality build

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Smart design

  • Easy to dispose

Easily clean your toilet and avoid smelly odours with this disposable toilet brush.

Disposable Toilet Brush - Toilet Wand with Disposable Brushes - Smart Toilet Wand -

Disposable Brush

You've likely had to clean a toilet at one point or another with a toilet brush. If you have, you will be familiar with the irritating or repulsive feeling that comes afterwards when you have to wash the toilet brush to ensure it doesn't begin smelling. Unfortunately, it is difficult to effectively carry out a thorough toilet brush cleaning, for obvious reasons, so you may end up with a smelly, discoloured toilet brush over time. But here's the thing, it doesn't have to play out like this.

This handy toilet brush has disposable brush heads. This ensures that once you're done cleaning, you can just dispose of the brush head and fix another one when next you need to clean. This eliminates the need for extra cleaning of the brush itself. How convenient!

Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Disposable Brush -

High-Quality Build

One major thing you will want to consider in choosing whether to purchase a device is its build quality. The quality of the build of a particular material or item has a direct and significant impact on its usefulness and durability. This is why this toilet cleaner brush is made with high-quality materials. The brush is strong enough to scrub off stains adhering to the toilet walls, and the handle is sturdy so that it won't break easily.

Disposable Toilet Brush Set - High-Quality Build -

Ergonomic Handle

Another thing you will want to consider before purchasing a particular item or device is how comfortable it is to use. This is because if it is difficult or uncomfortable to use, its application will be severely limited irrespective of the quality of build or the number of functions it has. This is why this disposable toilet brush has an ergonomic handle design. This handle ensures you will be able to easily maintain a good, firm grip while cleaning.

Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Ergonomic Handle -

Smart Design

Of course, there are many different toilet brushes available for sale in the market, but this one stands out thanks to its unique, smart design. Unlike your average toilet brush, the brush part of this one is removable. The removable brushes are also already treated with cleaning agents, so you won't need to incur additional costs in trying to get a perfect cleaning agent along with the brush.

The removable brush also has the perfect shape that will allow you to be able to clean toilet nooks and crevices that other toilet brushes are unable to properly clean.

Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Smart Design -

Easy to Dispose

Now, you're probably thinking, "this brush sounds great and very useful, but how will I handle its disposal after using it?" Glad you asked! The removable brushes are perfectly designed such that you can easily flush them down the toilet once you're done using them. They won't obstruct your toilet water system. Alternatively, you can throw them away in the garbage.

Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Easy to Dispose -

Technical characteristics :

  • Total height: 40 cm
  • Base depth: 15.2 cm
  • Base width: 11 cm
  • Base height: 17 cm
  • Material: Plastic
    Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Toilet wand

    1 x Base

    1 x Set of disposable brushes

    Disposable Toilet Brush Set - Package -
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