Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner

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  • Excellent Dust Cleaner

  • Versatile

  • Quality Build

  • Easy To Use and Clean

  • Great Gift

Get your home clean and free of dust faster, easier and better with this telescopic microfiber dust cleaner.

Dust Cleaning Artifact - Duster Cleaner Brush - Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner -

Excellent Dust Cleaner

Have you ever tried to clean a dusty surface? If you have, then you know how frustrating the effort can be. It just seems like the cleaning cloth or rag you’re using gets dirty too quickly, and it doesn’t even clean the surface as well as you’d like. This is unsurprising because most cleaning materials people use to clean and dust are actually not meant for that purpose, and needless to say, they won’t be all that effective.

With this telescopic dust cleaner, however, you have access to an excellent dust cleaning tool that you can use to take care of all your dust cleaning activities. Its microfibre design ensures it is perfectly able to effectively wipe off dusty surfaces.

Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Excellent Dust Cleaner -


Usually, what you get with brooms and other cleaning tools is that you will only be able to use them to achieve excellent cleaning results when you use them on a particular surface or in a particular place. This means that if you intend on cleaning somewhere or someplace else, you might have to go get another cleaning tool designed specifically for cleaning that surface or area. However, this just means more stress, plus you actually have to spend more.

This telescopic microfiber dust cleaner stands out from the rest thanks to its versatile design. This universal design ensures that you will be able to use it to clean several places in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, floor, shower, upholstery, stovetops and so on.

Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Versatile -

Quality Build

Now you may be thinking, “How come this particular dust cleaner is so versatile and useful? What sets it apart from all the other cleaning tools on the market?” That’s simple, really; it has a quality build! This dust cleaner has strong microfiber dusters that you will be able to use to effectively eliminate dust from any surface. Unlike other dusters, the microfibres on this one are very strong, so you won’t have them getting easily detached.

That’s not all; the handle is also removable, so you will be able to store it easily without any problems.

Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Quality Build -

Easy To Use and Clean

Another great reason to consider getting this telescopic microfibre dust cleaner for yourself is the fact that it is actually very easy to use. You will be able to use it just like you would any other type of dusting or cleaning tool. The microfibers are quite flexible, so you will even be able to clean hard-to-reach areas without stress.

This dust cleaning tool is also easy to clean. You can easily wash it with water and squeeze it dry without any problems.

Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Easy To Use and Clean -

Great Gift

If you have a family member, friend, or loved one that you want to give a gift to, this microfibre versatile dust cleaner is the perfect gift option for you. Its perfect blend of functionality, versatility and ease of use ensures it will be well-received by whoever you gift it to.

Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Great Gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Type: duster
  • Material: fibre
  • Length: 125cm
    Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x duster frame

    1, 2, or 4 duster cloths (quantity depends on option selected)

    1 x handle

    Telescopic Microfiber Dust Cleaner - Package -
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