Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers

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  • Reduces EMF radiation

  • Can help with fatigue

  • Durable materials

  • Nice looking design

  • Easy to use

Protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation with this anti-radiation sticker!

EMF anti smartphone radiation stickers (pack of 6) │ Anti-Radiation -

Anti-radiation sticker

Every day, whatever we do, we are surrounded by electronic devices. We can't deny they can make our lives way easier. They serve us for work, for studying and even for our entertainment. We can’t do without them, it’s a fact. But have you ever heard about the radiation such devices emit? Research proves it can be harmful to our health.

The good news is that we can try to minimize it as much as possible. One of the ways is by applying this anti-radiation sticker on the electronic devices we use every day. It’s designed to protect us from the radiation without a need to stop using the devices we have.

Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Anti-radiation sticker -

Reduces EMF radiation

Designed with premium reflective material, this sticker creates almost zero interference to electronic devices such as cell phones, radios and televisions. It’s designed to reduce EMF radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices. It’s a perfect way to reduce the negative effects of EMF on your products. Reduce up to 99% of EMF radiation placing this sticker on your devices.

Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Reduces EMF radiation -

Easy to use

This anti-radiation sticker will create a safe environment free from harmful radiation. It's really easy to use. Just stick it to the back of your electronic device. Put it on your mobile phone, computer laptop, tablet or gaming device and let it do its work. It is designed to reduce harmful radiation and create a safe and healthy environment. Thanks to the high-quality glue put on the back of the sticker, it will stick well to the surface it is applied to.

Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Easy to use -

Can help with fatigue

Anti-radiation stickers are designed to protect the human body from harmful electromagnetic fields. Place them near your home's Wi-Fi router, computer, TV or any other EMF emitting device.

The stickers' material reinforces the natural energy of our body and should protect our immune system against penetration from harmful radiation waves. Anti-radiation stickers can help relieve depression, stress and boost your daytime energy.

Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Can help with fatigue -

Trendy design

This anti-radiation sticker is designed with transparent environmental protection materials. It’s ultra-thin, compact and easy to carry. You can stick it to the back of any device without affecting the appearance of your devices. It’s also a great way to add a personal touch to your electronic devices. The sticker glows in the light, making your device look even more interesting. Choose from three colours available - reflective silver, silver and gold.

This anti-radiation sticker is made of material harmless to the human body. Besides, it's durable for long time use. The kit comes with six anti-radiation stickers in a pack. Put them on whichever device you want to, or share some stickers with people you care about to protect them from the radiation too.

Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Trendy design -

Technical characteristics :

  • Item diameter: 28 mm
    Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Dimensions -

    Included :

    6 x Anti-radiation stickers 

    Pack of 6 Anti-radiation Stickers - Package -
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    Enkel kasseprosess, gode priser

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