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Fake Rock to Hide Keys

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  • Looks realistic

  • Weatherproof

  • Hide spare keys

  • Blends in

  • Sturdy

Do you tend to lose your keys? Have you ever gotten locked out? Hide your spare house keys in this realistic-looking fake rock!

fake rock to hide keys | spare key hiding place | rock key box -

Hide your Spare Keys

Have you ever gotten locked out of your house? It can be easy enough to do. You might have lost your keys while you’re out of the house. Or maybe you went outside for a minute and the wind blew the door shut. Did you have to break a window to get in? Getting locked out can be messy. Here’s a handy solution! Meet the fake rock to hide your keys in.

The idea is simple. Keep your keys, or a spare, in the rock. It’s a small, realistic-looking rock. The rock is hollow inside and has a small plastic cover that fits into the bottom. You can hide several keys there. Just take the cover off and put the keys inside! Then slide the cover back into place. With handy access to your spare keys, never get locked out again!

Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Hide your Spare Keys -

Blends In

The fake rock key box is a medium grey colour. It looks and feels exactly like any old rock. It will blend into your garden easily. Think of putting it among other rocks in a rockery. Or you could hide it next to or under some shrubs. Put your fake rock in amongst other rocks in a flower bed. Don’t put it right next to the door as that could be a little obvious.

What if you don’t have a big garden? Do you just have a courtyard? Why not hide it among some other bits and pieces? What about next to the rubbish bins, or in a corner with the broom? No one will even think it’s not a real rock. It’s big enough to hide more than one key but small enough to hide easily. The fake rock hiding place is inconspicuous and won’t be noticed.

Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Blends In -


The fake rock hiding place for your keys is rain-proof and won’t be affected by the wind. Of course, you might regularly get a deluge where you live. In that case, it might be a good idea to keep your keys in a small plastic bag inside the rock.

Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Weatherproof -

Where to Hide Spare Keys?

Do you have someone like a pet sitter who needs access to your house? Do your kids sometimes arrive home before you? This spot to hide your keys could be the perfect solution! Give selected people access to your house. If you don’t want to keep it out the front of your house, why not put it in the backyard? Conceal the backdoor key there.

Some people even hide other things in the fake rock like some spare cash. Others keep spare car keys there. That way they have it in a handy spot. It’s an inventive way to hide important things. Just make sure you remember where you put it because you might not find it again!

Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Where to Hide Spare Keys? -

Creative Gift Idea

Have you got a friend who’s always losing their keys? Do you regularly visit an elderly parent with limited mobility and need access to their house? This fake rock to hide your keys can be a great gift idea for the right person. Give one to them to keep their spare keys in. They’ll appreciate not getting locked out of their house all the time!

Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Creative Gift Idea -

Technical characteristics :

  • Outside dimensions: 8 cm long | 6 cm deep | 3 cm high
  • Inside dimensions: 5.5 cm long | 3 cm wide | 2.3 cm deep
  • Colour: grey
  • Materials: resin and plastic
  • Weight: 170 grams
    Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x fake rock to hide keys






    Fake Rock to Hide Keys - Package -
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