Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids

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  • Flexible rail design

  • Easy assembly

  • Interchangeable car shells

  • High-quality materials

  • Safe for kids

Ensure your child is well protected and safe even while playing with this flexible rail car toy for kids.

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Changeable rail LED Car Toy For Kids -

Flexible Rail Design

You might be familiar with several different rail toy types. In that case, you'll agree with me that, for the most part, the rail design is relatively rigid and less flexible. But what if there was a particular rail car toy with a rail design so flexible it can be arranged almost anywhere and in virtually any shape? Game changer, right? Well, that's precisely what you get with this flexible rail car toy for kids!
This toy's rail is so adjustable that it can be assembled into different sorts of shapes in almost any place. The rail could even be arranged such that the rail car runs upside down without falling! Amazing right?

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Flexible Rail Design -

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

You would expect from a building toy for kids that it should be easy to assemble and disassemble; after all, it is for kids. This rail car toy also ticks every box in that regard. Its simple design helps ensure it can be easily assembled and taken apart as needed. All you have to do is simply connect each rail part, put batteries in the car, and then vroom! You're off.

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Easy to Assemble and Disassemble -

Interchangeable Car Shells

Kids usually have a short attention lifespan. This means that you need to offer variety to keep their attention. The presence of interchangeable car shells helps to ensure no ride is quite the same. It also saves you from having to buy several different toys. So why spend money on several car toys when there is one that can adequately satisfy your needs?

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Interchangeable Car Shells -

Made of High-Quality Materials

Another thing you'll want to consider when toy shopping for your kids is the durability of the toy you're about to buy. This is because kids tend to break things, so you'll want to ensure whatever toy you're getting is strong enough to withstand a reasonable amount of pressure it might be subjected to.
So if you're in search of the perfect, durable toy for your kids, again, this rail car toy is just what you need. Each toy piece is made of high-quality, strong plastic. This ensures that the toy lasts longer. It also means the toy's colour doesn't fade quickly.

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Made of High-Quality Materials -

Safe For Kids' Use

For the most part, kids are too young to correctly identify what is safe for them and what isn't. Thus the responsibility lies with parents and guardians to do their best to ensure their kids' safety. Kids spend a lot of their time playing with toys, so the safety profile of these toys is of utmost importance. There are several toys in the market that are made with materials that are not child-friendly. This, of course, has resulted in several accidents for kids.

If you've been searching for a toy that is the perfect blend of safety and fun, you should look no further than this flexible rail car toy for kids. This toy has smooth and rounded corners, ensuring it won't be a cut hazard. Also, it is just the right size to prevent kids from swallowing any parts.

Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Safe For Kids' Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Reusable Plastic
  • Battery: 3x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Rail pieces sets (weight): 46pcs (480g) 92pcs (710g) 138pcs (960g) 184pcs (1200g)
    Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Train track toy

    1 x Toy Car

    Flexible Rail Car Toy For Kids - Package -
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    Remei Verjuan Clavero
    compra coche adicional

    Quiero comprar la pista flexible de 184 pzas. pero solo lleva un coche y me gustaria poder comprar otro ya que la pista es para dos niños. Si es posible me pueden dar el precio y la referencia para poder comprar?

    Hola Remei!
    Claro que sí le podemos ayudar. Le sugiero que nos contacte al nuestro Servicio al cliente via e-mail y así le podremos dar una ayuda específica.
    Que tenga un excelente día!