Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair)

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  • 800° Heat resistant

  • Nonslip and flexible

  • Machine washable

  • Fire retardant material

  • Multi functions

Protect your hands while cooking meet on the grill or taking hot plates out of the oven with these High Temperature Resistant Gloves

Heat resistant gloves for BBQ | High temperature fire retardant gloves - Ozerty

Extreme Heat Protection

These high-temperature Barbecue gloves are heat resistant, flame retardant, and provide protection when dealing with high temperatures when cooking. The gloves can withstand heat up to 800℃.

Use comfortably those gloves during a bbq close to the grill, in your kitchen to handle plates from the oven, the microwave and more. They will protect your hands and wrists from getting burned or can be used in cold temperatures.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Extreme Heat Protection - Ozerty

Fire retardant

The bbq heat protection gloves are made of silicon, which is easy to wash, aramid fibers which are heat-resistant material, and cotton to keep your hands comfortable, the breathable material keeps your hands from sweating when cooking. The gloves slip onto your hands easily and are made from non-toxic materials and are food-grade safe, which means you can wear them with any food products safely.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Fire retardant  - Ozerty

Flexible and Comfortable

The gloves feature a detailed and practical design to provide high flexibility for a comfortable use and allow the thumb to move more freely, it improves safety and the non slip grips stops you from dropping hot utensils or food. The material is durable and is long-lasting. The gloves are stylish and come in a choice of two colours either red or black.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Flexible and Comfortable  - Ozerty

Easy to Clean

Easy to clean and store, these high protection gloves are machine washable which allows for an effortless way to wash them, the rubber siliconecoating allows you to hand wash them if preferred by wiping them down. Those materials are quick-drying so they are quickly ready when you start cooking again.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Easy to Clean  - Ozerty

Easy to Store

The gloves offers a loop stitched inside in order to hang the gloves up for a quick way to store and easy access to them. Hanging the gloves up will also help to dry them faster after washing and ensures the gloves air out and keep them smelling fresh after use. Keep your gloves close to you when cooking, in the kitchen or close to the grill.

Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Easy to Store  - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material : Aramide and cotton fireproof
  • Colours : Black and Red
  • Dimensions : 34,5cm x 10cm
    Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1x Pair of heat resistant gloves

    Heat resistant BBQ gloves (1 pair) - Package - Ozerty
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