Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner

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  • Hydrocooling Technology
  • Conditioner and Humidifier
  • Compact and Mobile
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Color illuminator

Experience the ultimate comfort during the scorching summer months with the Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this lightweight, yet powerful device is perfect for any room, ensuring a fresher environment wherever you are.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Ozerty

Advanced Hydrocooling

Struggling with the heat but concerned about the energy consumption and noise of traditional air conditioners? The Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner offers a groundbreaking solution with its advanced Hydrocooling system. This innovative technology utilizes the natural cooling properties of water evaporation, significantly enhancing cooling efficiency while minimizing energy use. Ideal for environmentally conscious users, it provides a cooler environment without the high costs and environmental impact of standard units. Additionally, its quieter operation makes it perfect for night-time use or in settings where noise is a concern, ensuring you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Advanced Hydrocooling - Ozerty

Hybrid Efficiency

This mini air conditioner doesn't just cool the air—it also acts as a humidifier, which is a boon for maintaining a healthy indoor atmosphere. It can also be an aromatherapy machine in week, especially in dry climates or areas where air conditioning tends to dry out the air, it reintroduces moisture to ensure optimal humidity levels. This not only helps in alleviating issues related to dry air, such as irritated skin and respiratory problems but also enhances the overall air quality. The integration of these two functions into one device provides a practical solution for year-round comfort.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Hybrid Efficiency - Ozerty

Cooling on the Go

The design of the water ice air conditioner emphasizes mobility and ease of use without sacrificing performance. Its compact size ensures that it fits discreetly into small spaces and can be easily transported from one location to another, offering consistent cooling wherever it's needed. Whether it’s moving it between rooms in your home or taking it to the office, this air conditioner's lightweight design coupled with its robust wheels facilitates effortless transportation and setup, proving that good things come in mobile packages.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Cooling on the Go - Ozerty

Custom Comfort

Enhance your personal comfort with the mini air conditioner’s adjustable settings. With its 3 speeds and 5 sprayers features it empower users to tailor the cooling effects according to their preferences, from a low whisper on cooler days to a powerful chill during the peak heat of summer. The easy-to-navigate control panel offers a hassle-free way to adjust settings, ensuring everyone from tech-savvy individuals to novices can achieve their perfect environment. This adaptability makes the air conditioner ideal for diverse settings, accommodating everyone’s comfort.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Custom Comfort - Ozerty

Enhance your mood

This small portable air conditioner has adjustable 7 colorful night light which adds a unique aesthetic touch to its functionality. This feature allows the unit to glow with various hues, which can be customized to match your mood or the decor of the room. It’s designed to enhance the overall ambiance of any space, making it ideal for settings where mood and design are paramount. From a calming blue to energize a sunny yellow, this air conditioner goes beyond temperature control to deliver a visually soothing experience.

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Enhance your mood - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Color: White | Green | Black | Blue

Product size: 21 x 9 x 26 cm | 8.26 x 3.54 x 10.23 inch

Voltage: 5V

Current: 2A

Power: 10W Interface: USB-Type-c

Water tank capacity: 600 ml x 20.28 oz

Atomization volume: 45 ml/h to 225 ml/h | 1.52 oz/h to 7.60 oz/h

Spray time: 2.5-12 hours

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1x Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner

2x Perfume cotton pad

1x Manual

1x Warning card

1x USB cable

Hydrocooling Small Portable Air Conditioner - Product content - Ozerty

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