Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base

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  • Long handle

  • Wall mounted base

  • Non-stick surface

  • Golf design

  • Easy to clean

Clean your toilet and its surroundings easily with this non-stick, easy to clean and long handle toilet brush.

Long handle toilet brush │ Silicone golf Toilet Brush - Ozerty

Long handle brush

Keep your toilet and its surrounding neat and clean with this golf toilet brush. Remove all the dirt with ease without the need of touching the surfaces thanks to the convenient, 39cm long handle. It will give you freedom of movement and the option of thorough and precise surface cleaning - created especially for your comfort and to make the housework easier.

Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Long handle brush - Ozerty

Multi use

This toilet brush can be used in many ways. Go ahead and clean all the toilet surroundings and spaces in your bathroom.
The triangular, rounded shape of a brush head with different angles is a perfect tool that will help you reach even the most inaccessible spaces, corners and grooves inside the toilet and in its surroundings - you can clean the floor and other surfaces as well.

Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Multi use - Ozerty

Easy to clean

The brush head is made of soft silicone so it’s a non-stick surface - to get rid of all the remains just give it a quick rinse. The bristles are flexible and non-tangly so you can always keep the toilet brush neat.

The additional advantage is an option to remove hair from the surfaces you want to clean without entangling. Clean bathroom without ease with this golf toilet brush !

Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Easy to clean - Ozerty

Wall mounted

This long handle toilet brush comes together with a handy triangle base where you can store it. It looks stylish and will make a nice looking accessory for your bathroom. For valuable design, you also can mount the brush on the wall using non-marking stickers you receive together with your purchase making the installation perforation-free and nail-free.
Once installed, the triangle base will be stable and firm. To uninstall it, you just remove the sticker without any damage to the wall. It’s a very convenient option for storage and keep your floor clean.

Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Wall mounted - Ozerty

Durable materials

The brush is made of strong materials: PP (polypropylene), TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and silicone - known to be water resistant, durable, and resistant to friction, breakage and damage. Feel free to give an intense use to this long handle brush as it will resist deep cleaning with strong detergents.

Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Durable materials - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Product size with wall mount (L x W x H): 7.1cm x 10cm x 41.5cm
  • Material: PP + TPR + silicone
  • Weight: 90g
    Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Golf toilet brush

    1 x Wall mount

    2 x Adhesive stickers

    Long handle toilet brush with wall mounted base - Package - Ozerty
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