Orthopedic lumbar support belt

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  • Support plates

  • Double side splints

  • 360° traction

  • Breathable mesh

  • Self-heating magnets

Take care of your spine and lumbar zone with this lumbar support designed to relieve pain and provide spine decompression.

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Orthopedic lumbar support

Back pain can interrupt our day-to-day life, making it difficult or impossible to sit or stand without discomfort. Get the relief you need with this lumbar support.
Designed to decompress the backbone and relieve pain caused by poor alignment, this curved back brace should support your lower back to help bring your spine into proper posture, alleviating pressure against major nerve roots and discs.

Please remember that results may vary depending on each case, so make sure to contact your doctor to know if it fits your needs.

Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Orthopedic lumbar support -

Support plates

This lumbar support can relieve pain and improve stability with this special design and flexible support plates. Benefit from the lightweight yet powerful design of alloy support or use the one made of ABS, created to help avoid muscle atrophy. Remove or slot them into a built-in pocket, depending on if you need some extra support or more movement flexibility.

Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Support plates -

Double side splints

Built-in double side splints, with double pull tension straps and memory spring strips, are designed to add stability with a firm and secure lumbar support to prevent twisting movements that could aggravate injury. The side splints are designed to follow the curvature of your spine and help correct your posture.

Feel comfortable and enjoy all the features of this well-shaped lumbar support that can relieve pain from compressed vertebrae and pinched nerves.

Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Double side splints -

Breathable mesh

Enjoy the lumbar support designed to improve your health and comfort all year long. Wear it no matter what the season as it’s made of durable, high strength, material, with a good quality breathable mesh structure. The design ensures proper air circulation, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even after long hours of using.
The adjustable, detachable and replaceable pads let you adjust the support to your personal preferences and the season - you can choose between a breathable mesh, warm velvet, or self-heating therapy pad design.

Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Breathable mesh -

Self-heating magnets

The innovative 360° traction wrap around design comfortably supports your back.
Benefit from an innovative hot acupuncture therapy thanks to built-in 12pcs self-heating magnets. This hot compress therapy lumbar support is created for your convenience. Whether you are experiencing lower back pain or you are on an activity trip, it is designed to provide you with comfort and pain relief on the go. Moreover, it improves blood circulation to help oxygen and nutrients flow to joints and muscles, relieving inflammation.

Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Self-heating magnets -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Cotton + ABS + Alloy
  • Item size (W x L): S - 23 cm x 90 cm approx.
  • Item size (W x L): M - 23 cm x 100 cm approx.
  • Item size (W x L): L - 23 cm x 105 cm approx.
  • Item size (W x L): XL - 23 cm x 110 cm approx.
    Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Lumbar support set

    Orthopedic lumbar support belt - Package -
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