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Luminous anime laptop backpack

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  • Reflective lines

  • Absorbing light

  • Anti-fatigue conception

  • Built-in charger

  • Breathable fabric

Carry all your school essentials comfortably with this anime laptop backpack that glows in the dark.

Luminous backpack for kids | Luminous anime bag unisex - Ozerty

Comfortable and lightweight

With this compact design (43cm x 14cm x 18cm) and lightweight body (500g), you can carry the bag everywhere without feeling back fatigue. It is made of water-resistant nylon material to protect your belongings and a breathable honeycomb network in the shoulder belt to avoid sweating mostly during high temperature.

Luminous anime laptop backpack - Comfortable and lightweight - Ozerty

Unisex and multi-purpose

The trendy luminous print of the anime bag makes it a perfect gift for boys and girls. It fits adolescent kids, young men and women, and everyone that is fond of the anime-themed glowing look of the backpack. It’s convenient for everyday use to go to work or at school and for outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, to go to sport sessions and more.

Luminous anime laptop backpack - Unisex and multi-purpose - Ozerty

Spacious Backpack

This anime bag is spacious enough to fit books, clothes, and other big items in the main compartment. It also has an interlayer pocket with a sturdy water-proof lining to prevent laptops and tablets (up to 15.4 inches) safe from damage or theft.
There’re also two side pockets to quickly keep your bottle of water or your thermos and an external U-zipped compartment to keep your keys, card ID and more safe and quick to access.

Luminous anime laptop backpack - Spacious Backpack - Ozerty

Luminous cover

When exposed to the light, the anime print glows in the dark. Thanks to solar technology, the backpack use daylight to charge the anime design. With only 10 to 20 minutes of sun the bag wills illuminate the surroundings in the dark up to 6 hours.
Moreover, It has a reflective shoulder cover that gives off light when the wearer walks in front of a car at night.

Luminous anime laptop backpack - Luminous cover - Ozerty

USB slots

With this external port, you can charge your phone or tablet on the go. The built-in USB slot will allow you to connect your charging cable to keep your devices fully charged without having to open your bag. The USB port is attached on one side of the backpack and it blends in with the back without being noticeable.

Luminous anime laptop backpack - USB slots - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Materials: Nylon fabric (bag body) + honeycomb mesh (shoulder belt)
  • Weight : 500g
  • Colour: Black body with an anime print
  • USB slots : YES
  • Dimensions : 43cm x 14cm x 18cm
    Luminous anime laptop backpack - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Luminous anime backpack

    1 x cable

    Luminous anime laptop backpack - Package - Ozerty
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