Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy

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  • Useful to do magic tricks

  • Durable design

  • Non-toxic

  • Boosts creativity

  • Perfect idea for a gift

Make magic tricks and have your child entertained with this magic unbreakable wooden man toy.

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy │ Daruma Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy -

Magic Wooden Man Toy

Childhood is a time when everything is magical and delightful. Give your little one extraordinary moments full of surprising magic tricks with this wooden man toy. The concept of the wooden man is based on a traditional Japanese toy called Daruma (this model would be called Daruma-otoshi to be exact). The set contains the toy itself, one wooden hammer and a few accessories to make magic tricks. Let the play begin!

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Magic Wooden Man Toy -

Unbreakable Toy

Thanks to its special design, you can make the toy look unbreakable. Use the invisible thread and small bungs included in the set to join all the pieces together. The hook will give you additional support for the toy. Now knock it down with a wooden hammer so that it collapses. Then pull the invisible thread or ask somebody to do it for you. The toy will return to its original state and stand up again. Your child will be mesmerised!

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Unbreakable Toy -

Boosts Creativity

In the era of television, computer games, and electronic devices, a toy that stimulates children’s creativity is a real treasure. Increase your little one’s intelligence, colour perception, motor skills, and imagination by purchasing this original wooden toy. Keep him or her busy playing with the magic wooden man toy. It will promote your child’s development and intelligence. A great solution for a really low price. Could it be better?

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Boosts Creativity -

High-Quality Materials

Most toys nowadays are made of plastic or silicone. Although they can be cute and entertaining, it’s a really nice change to come back to a classic wooden design. Made of wood, the toy is resistant, durable and will entertain your child for a long time. Enjoy its beautiful, bright colours that will catch the little one’s attention and stimulate colour perception.

Are you going to have coffee with your friend? Will you be travelling on a bus or train? Take the toy with you to keep your child entertained. Thanks to its portable design, you carry it with you easily. It will fit into your pocket or handbag. How convenient!

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - High-Quality Materials -

Perfect Gift Idea

Are you looking for some good ideas for a gift? If so, this magic wooden man toy is a perfect option. It’s suitable both for bigger and smaller children. You can get it for your little one or your friends’ child as well as your niece or nephew. Everybody will surely appreciate this original, creativity-boosting wooden toy!

Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Perfect Gift Idea -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Wood
  • Item size: 3 cm x 9.7 cm
  • Hammer length: 10 cm
    Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Magic wooden man toy

    1 x Wooden hammer

    1 x Thread

    2 x Bung

    1 x Plastic hook

    Magic Unbreakable Wooden Man Toy - Package -
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