Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand

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  • Perfect Costume Complement

  • Do Magic!

  • Easy To Use

  • Safe

  • Best Halloween Gift

Ever wonder how it must feel to live in a Harry Potter world where magic is real? Well, wonder no more and begin to cast spells of your own with this Harry Potter magic wand.

Magical Halloween Fire Wand - Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Harry Potter Magic Wand -

Perfect Costume Complement

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is already busy putting together the perfect Halloween costume. Although there are several characters you could choose to be on Halloween, one of the most widely-sported Halloween costumes is the Harry Potter witch and wizard look. Unfortunately, this means that if you intend on dressing up as a witch or wizard on Halloween, you’ll end up looking like several other people. Does this mean you should go as something else instead? Absolutely not.

What you need is a costume accessory that will set you apart from other people wearing Harry Potter costumes. If you’re in search of that item that’ll perfectly improve your Halloween costume, this Harry Potter wand is exactly what you need. You see, your witch or wizard costume is not complete without a wand, and this wand is the perfect costume complement for you.

Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Perfect Costume Complement -

Do Magic!

Now you may be thinking, “There are tons of different Halloween magic wands, so what makes this one so special?” Good question! You see, what you have with most of those other Halloween wand options is they just have pretty cool aesthetics. Beyond aesthetics, they really don’t offer anything.

This Halloween wand is different from these other wand options. This is because it offers aesthetics and magic That’s right, not only does this wand look like the real thing, but you’ll also be able to use it to cast incendia spells. It even shoots a ball of fire out from the wand! Cool, right?

Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Do Magic! -

Easy To Use

Another reason why you should consider getting this Harry Potter magic wand for yourself is that it is easy to use. To use it, simply follow the steps below:
- Tear some flash paper and press it into a small ball.
- Next, cram the flash paper ball into the barrel of your Harry Potter wand.
- Finally, turn the wand on at the base, then press the trigger button. The wand will shoot the flash paper out.
That’s all!

Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Easy To Use -


In addition to being very easy to use and having an awesome aesthetic appeal, this Harry Potter magic wand is also safe to use. The wand uses flash paper, a kind of paper used by magicians to perform tricks, and flash paper burns almost instantaneously. So you won’t have to worry about your kids hurting themselves while they’re playing with the wand. It’s totally safe to use. Of course, there are some basic safety tips you should follow. Make sure you supervise small children while they use this product. You should make sure your kids use the wand in an open, outside area. Point the wand away from people before pressing the button.

Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Safe -

Best Halloween Gift

Do you have friends or loved ones who are totally into magic and Harry Potter? If you do, then you should consider getting this Halloween magic wand for them. Its Harry Potter build and magical capacity will certainly make it an amazing Halloween gift for them.

Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Best Halloween Gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Style: Hermione, Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort
  • Length: Approximately 35,56 cm
    Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Magical Halloween Fire Wand

    1 x charging cable

    1 x packet of flash paper

    1 x safety instructions sheet

    Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand - Package -
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