Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch

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  • Multi-functional torch

  • Pick-up tool

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Easy and convenient

  • Flexible telescopic design

Make it easier to work in small spaces and easily retrieve fallen metallic items with this telescopic magnetic LED torch.

Magnetic LED Pickup Tool -  Portable Flexible Head Flashlight - portable flashlight - Telescopic Magnetic LED Tool -

Flexible Telescopic Torch Design

Have you ever tried aiming a torch at a particular spot, but you just can't quite aim it well? Or maybe you need to aim light at something, yet you need both hands free. Traditional torch designs won't be of much help with this. But you'll certainly find this telescopic LED helpful in those situations!

The LED torch's flexible gooseneck design will allow you to bend it to any angle you want. This ensures you'll be able to achieve that perfect angle. The LED's magnetic design also means you can attach it to metallic surfaces. This will help you free up your hands to focus on more important things. The LED's telescopic design will also allow you to extend it to hard-to-reach areas. This is particularly important when you're using it as a retrieval tool.

Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Flexible Telescopic Torch Design -

Multi-Functional Torch

LED torches often only have ONE function, that is, to light your way. This somewhat simplistic function design means that there are various different yet generic tools. They're generic because beyond the sometimes different styles and designs, they still only have one function.

However, this telescopic magnetic LED torch is different in that it is multi-functional. It has bright LEDs that you'll be able to use to see. But that's not all. Thanks to its magnetic design, you can also use it as a telescopic retrieval tool. How's that for innovation?

Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Multi-Functional Torch -

Lightweight and Portable

Another problem commonly associated with LED torches is that they are usually somewhat heavy and uncomfortable to hold. The larger size of these flashlights could even make it quite uncomfortable for you to carry them from one location to another.

However, you can avoid this problem with this portable telescopic LED torch. The torch's slim, compact design ensures you'll never have problems carrying it about. It also has a pen holder hook that allows users to easily attach it to their pockets to avoid falling off. You can even put it in your bag.

Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Lightweight and Portable -

Easy and Convenient to Use

One significant advantage of purchasing and owning this telescopic Magnetic LED Tool is that it's easy to use. To use it as a torch, you simply click the switch, and that's all. As a retrieval tool, you simply stretch out the gooseneck to the desired length and pass it to where the item to be retrieved is. The torch's magnetic design will ensure it firmly holds and carries out the item.

The LED feature makes retrieval easier, especially in the dark. The tool's slim design makes it perfect for use in cramped or tight spaces.

Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Easy and Convenient to Use -

Made of High-Quality Materials

You're probably wondering how effective a retrieval tool this magnetic LED pickup tool really is. The answer is that it's extremely effective! Despite its small, lightweight design, you can use this pickup device to carry tools as heavy as spanners or pliers. How?

You can use it for heavier items since it's made with excellent, high-quality materials. The aluminium alloy material is resistant to weathering and shock. It also contributes majorly to the magnetic LED's strength and durability!

Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Made of High-Quality Materials -

Technical characteristics :

  • Lighting distance: <50m
  • Support Dimmer: Single file
  • Light source: LED bulbs
  • Colour: black, red, blue, silver
  • Unstretched length: 17.5cm
  • Stretched length: 56.5cm
  • Head diameter: 2cm
  • Material: Metal
    Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Mini LED Pickup Tool Flashlight

    4 x Batteries

    Telescopic Magnetic LED Torch - Package -
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