Magnetic Windshield Cover

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  • Waterproof

  • Prevent ice buildup

  • Use in summer

  • Secure

  • Fits most cars

Are you sick of having to defrost your windshield every day? This magnetic windshield cover will prevent ice and snow from forming on your car.

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Protect Your Windshield in Winter

If you live in a cold country, you’re probably used to waking up to frozen windshields. Ice and snow build up overnight on cars that are outside. It can be hard to get it off when you need to use the car. Have you ever scratched your windshield trying to scrape ice off? Did you have to pour boiling water on the windshield? Have you tried vinegar, salt, or other things to stop the ice from forming? There’s an easier way.

Use a windshield cover to protect your car. It prevents ice from sticking to your windshield. Any snow that falls will sit harmlessly on the surface of the cover. It’s waterproof so the ice won’t stick. Then when you’re ready to use the car, simply pull off the windshield cover and give it a shake. The ice will fall off, leaving your windshield clean and free of ice. Never be late because of a frozen windshield again!

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Protect Your Windshield in Winter -

Secure in The Wind

How does the windshield snow cover work? It has 6 strong magnets inside it around the edges. It’ll stick to your windshield easily. But don’t worry about scratches; the magnets are inside a layer of fabric. And to prevent anyone from pinching your cover, it’s also got extra wide fabric at the sides. You can close the extra width into the car’s front doors. That also means it won’t blow away in the wind.

It also includes some extra elastic straps with hooks on the end. If you need to, you can hook these onto the front wheels for added wind protection. Of course, we don’t guarantee anything if a hurricane is headed your way! Try to find an undercover shelter for your car in severe weather.

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Secure in The Wind -

Convenient to Store

Although the magnetic windshield cover has several layers of fabric to protect your car, it’s flexible and easy to fold. It comes with a handy storage pouch. When you’ve given it a shake off to remove ice, dust, or leaves, fold it up.

The storage pouch can go in your boot, the backseat, or even in the glove box. It measures just 19 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm. You won’t have to worry about trying to use bulky, wire-rimmed windshield covers.

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Convenient to Store -

Fits Most Cars

Since this windshield snow cover has extra wide fabric, it will fit most cars. It will cover the windshield on hatchbacks, family cars, SUVs, and more. At the top, it’s 210 cm wide. At the narrower lower edge, it’s 145 cm wide. The height is 125 cm.

This windshield protector is easy to put on your car. Just stretch it out over the windscreen, with the wide side up top. Close the excess fabric into the front doors. Hook the elastic straps onto the wheels, if desired. That’s it!

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Fits Most Cars -

Protection All Year Round

This windshield protector isn’t just great during winter. Use it all year round! Strong sunlight, UV rays, and extreme heat can damage your car’s interior and dashboard. Protect your vehicle and help it from deteriorating from sun exposure. The windscreen cover will protect your car from the sun’s rays, dust, pollen, bugs, and falling leaves. It will also help keep the car’s inside temperature down on hot, sunny days!

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Protection All Year Round -

Technical characteristics :

  • Cover dimensions: top width 210 cm | bottom width 145 cm | length 125 cm
  • Storage bag dimensions: 19 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm
  • Outside colour: gray
  • Underside colour: silver
Magnetic Windshield Cover - Dimensions -

Included :

1 x magnetic windshield cover

1 x black storage pouch

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Package -

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