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Mini Steam Iron

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  • Convenient

  • Efficient design

  • Versatile

  • Portable

  • High-quality build

Iron and smoothen out your clothes faster and easier, at home or on your travels with this mini steam iron.

Mini Steam Iron  - Mini Portable Ironing Machine - Professional Micro Steam Iron -

Convenient and Easy to Use

Do you iron your clothes regularly? If you often need to use an iron, then you will be very familiar with one prominent issue. It is usually difficult to use an iron for long periods. This is because they are often quite heavy. This issue means that ironing will place strain on your hands, which may eventually appear as pain in your wrists. There is also the fact that some irons appear to be needlessly complex, and this could make using them quite challenging.

Unlike most other irons, however, this mini steam iron is easy and convenient to use. This is thanks to its lightweight and simple design that ensures you will always be able to use it comfortably, even for long periods.

Mini Steam Iron - Convenient and Easy to Use -

Efficient and Effective Design

Now you may be thinking, "This steam iron looks so small. Will it be able to do a proper job of ironing my clothes and fabrics?" The answer to your question is an emphatic YES! You may have heard it said that "size isn't all that matters." Well, in this case, that is exactly the situation.

This mini steam iron has an efficient and effective design that ensures it will be of a sufficient temperature to iron your clothes within two minutes of switching it on. What's more, it also has a handy triangle shape that ensures you will be able to iron out every angle of your clothes.

Mini Steam Iron - Efficient and Effective Design -


Often, irons can only be used for very specific types of fabric. Also, many of the iron types that seem to be fit for ironing different types of clothes are usually quite problematic. This is because their temperature regulation may not be all that great, so you are more likely to end up with either poorly ironed clothes or burnt ones (especially with very thin materials).

Thanks to its excellent temperature control, you should be able to use this versatile cloth iron on different types of materials. For instance, iron curtains, shirts, sheets and even pillowcases without fear of burning and ruining your clothes.

Mini Steam Iron - Versatile -


Although irons are something of a necessity, they have a major limitation; their size. You must have been in situations where you travel and have to smoothen out your clothes that got crushed in your suitcase, but you didn't have an iron handy.

Well, with this mini iron, you won't have to experience that issue again. This is because this iron has a highly portable design that ensures you will easily be able to carry it wherever you're going.

Mini Steam Iron - Portable -

High-Quality Build

You may have also been wondering, "How durable is this iron?" The answer is, of course, very durable. This is thanks to the iron's high-quality build, you will be able to use it easily and safely for long periods. This quality build also includes an electronic pump system that helps prevent water leakage from this mini steam iron and allows you have an optimal steam ironing experience.

Mini Steam Iron - High-Quality Build -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Titanium + plastic
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Water tank capacity: 100ml
    Mini Steam Iron - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Mini portable ironing machine

    Mini Steam Iron - Package -
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