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Natural Detox foot pads

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  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Detoxifies

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Easy to use

  • 20 pcs Pack

Reduce stress and remove toxins from your body naturally with these detox foot pads.

Detox Foot Pads Natural Cleansing Herbal Feet Patches 20 Pcs - Ozayti

Health Benefits

Cleanse your body during your sleep. These detox foot patches remove unwanted toxins from your lower body. The natural foot pads provide multiple wellness benefits. They increase energy levels, improve metabolism, aid in weight loss, encourage blood circulation and relieve stress. These cleansing patches also might help to reduce health problems such as constipation, acne, insomnia, bad breath, chest tightness, and leg pain. We recommend to consult your doctor for additional treatment if necessary.

Natural Detox Foot Pads - Health Benefits - Ozayti

Safe and Natural

The footpads are made of natural ingredients such as Bamboo Vinegar, Ginger, Mugwort Leaf Extract, and more. These plant-based ingredients minimize the risk of skin irritation. All-natural extracts work gently to cleanse your system. The pads are 100% natural and vegan-friendly. They are safe to use with no harmful chemicals.

Natural Detox Foot Pads - Safe and Natural - Ozayti

Comfortable and lightweight

Lightweight and comfortable, the detoxifying foot patches can be worn for up to 8 hours. These pads help relieve tension and relax your feet. Wear them before going to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. As they are really lightweight you will not be feel them on your foot while sleeping. The detoxifying patches promote healthy sleep, relaxation, and brighter skin, without disturbing your rest.

Natural Detox Foot Pads - Comfortable and lightweight - Ozayti

Easy to Use

Before sleeping:

1. Stick the patches to your feet.

2. Leave them for 6 to 8 hours for better results. The pads will start removing unwanted toxins from your body.

3. Peel them off in the morning to see the toxins that have been released out of your body. The patches will turn gray or green as they absorb the waste.

4. Wipe your feet with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

5. Do this process every night until you can no longer see any discoloration. You can continue the routine twice a week for maintenance.

Natural Detox Foot Pads - Easy to Use - Ozayti

20 Pcs pack

Each pack contains 20 Detox Foot Pads measuring 12.5 cm x 2.2 cm with 20 adhesive sheets. This set is enough for various weeks of use. Each piece is individually packed, making it convenient for travel or use at home and more hygienic. Store the foot patch in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures for better results.

Natural Detox Foot Pads - 20 Pcs pack - Ozayti

Technical characteristics :

  • Active Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, Ginger, Mugwort Leaf Extract
  • Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 82 g per bag
    Natural Detox Foot Pads - Dimensions - Ozayti

    Included :

    20 x Detox Foot Pads 

    Natural Detox Foot Pads - Package - Ozayti
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