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  • Comfortable and Flexible

  • Multiple Modes

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Discreet

  • Easy To Use

Read at night without disturbing anyone with this portable neck light.

Neck reading lamp | LED reading lamp for neck | Flexible LED for neck - Oustiprix

Comfortable and Flexible

This neck lamp has two flexible LED lights to direct the light towards your book, computer or tablet with precision. The soft fit around the neck makes it comfortable to use for sports or work.

LED Neck Reading Lamp - Comfortable and Flexible - Oustiprix

Multiple Modes

The LED neck reading lamp has three lighting modes. The wide mode allows you to illuminate a larger area with a wide angle of light. The spot mode allows you to focus the light on a specific area, and the multi-mode offers both modes at the same time for a diffused lighting effect.

LED Neck Reading Lamp - Multiple Modes - Oustiprix

Lightweight and Portable

This neck lamp is lightweight so you can use it continuously without getting tired. The compact design makes it easy to take with you on trips to read on the plane, train or cruise ship. But you can also use this neck lamp for jogging in the evening, for hiking or camping.

LED Neck Reading Lamp - Lightweight and Portable - Oustiprix


This unique neck lamp is an innovative accessory that allows you to read your favourite book or magazine in bed without disturbing your sleeping companion. A more effective alternative to conventional night lamps.

LED Neck Reading Lamp - Discreet - Oustiprix

Easy To Use

This neck lamp for reading is very easy to use. You just have to give it the shape you want because it is flexible. When you place it on your neck you can press the on button and thus illuminate the target you want. Adjust the lights to your comfort between more powerful and less powerful, you decide.

LED Neck Reading Lamp - Easy To Use - Oustiprix

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Lamp: LED
  • Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 55.5 cm length
    LED Neck Reading Lamp - Dimensions - Oustiprix

    Included :

    1x Neck reading lamp






    LED Neck Reading Lamp - Package - Oustiprix
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    Hilary Joyce
    Comfortable to wear

    I have only used it so far to boost light levels for embroidery, not to read in a darkened room but well worth giving it a try.