Plush Teddy Bear Night Light

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  • Luminous

  • Multicoloured LED

  • Plush cotton

  • Large size

  • Gift Idea

You'll love this innovative, bright and soft teddy bear that doubles as a light.

Plush teddy bear night light | big bear with light | LED teddy bear toy - Ozerty

Teddy Bear with a Light

This luminous teddy bear has an innovative LED function. Press the small button on the arm of the teddy bear and select the LED color that suits you from 7 different coloured LEDs. Press again to turn off the light function.

Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Teddy Bear with a Light - Ozerty

The Perfect Companion

A teddy bear is usually the first stuffed animal that children and babies receive. A beloved teddy bear accompanies us for many years and protects us like a faithful companion. This cute plush teddy bear will immediately become the mascot of the house.

Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - The Perfect Companion - Ozerty

Teddy Bear Night Light

A teddy bear is often a symbol of softness and comfort for children but can also give comfort to adults. Thanks to its light it's definitely a reassuring and comforting element to help your little ones avoid nightmares or bad dreams. Leave it in your children's room as a comforting night light.

Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Teddy Bear Night Light - Ozerty

Durable and Functional

This LED teddy bear is made of cotton and plush so it has a wonderful feeling of softness. But it's also highly durable despite any treatment your child will give it. Its use is simple, a single control button and battery power (it takes 3 AA batteries).

Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Durable and Functional - Ozerty

Gift Idea

This fabulous luminous teddy bear is a toy that remains and will remain timeless. Kids will love it, so it's an ideal gift to offer to children and adults. This teddy bear with a night light can be suitable for a birthday, for Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or if you're looking for forgiveness. Think about it!

Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Gift Idea - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: around 45 to 50 cm tall
  • Material: PP cotton
  • Power: 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Colours: Yellow, Pink, White, Blue
    Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Plush teddy bear night light

    Plush Teddy Bear Night Light - Package - Ozerty
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