Bucket Rat and Mice Trap

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  • Bucket lid

  • Reusable

  • Humane

  • Automatic trap reset

  • Pet friendly

Looking for a humane rodent trap? This bucket trap for rats and mice is easy to use. It's also safe to use around pets.

Rat trap | Bucket rat trap | Humane mice trap -

Easy to set up and use

This bucket trap for rats and mice is straightforward to use. The trap includes a ramp for the rodents to climb onto the bucket lid. They will cross a counter-weighted platform to get to the bait. Then their weight will cause the platform to fall forward. The rodent will slide into the bucket. Then the platform will automatically reset for the next mouse or rat.

The bucket trap will snap onto any standard 5-gallon bucket. Put the bait, such as peanut butter, inside the tunnel. Since the bait isn't on the swinging platform, it won't affect the weight of the platform. The bait will also stay put for the next rodent. Click the ramp into place and your trap is ready to go.

Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Easy to set up and use -

Humane rat and mouse trap

Many other kinds of rat traps are inhumane and make the animals suffer. For instance, glue traps, illegal in many places, don't kill the rodents straight away. Rather, the animal dies slowly from dehydration and exhaustion. Rat poison slowly kills the animals, sometimes taking as long as three days. And even snap traps don't always kill the rodent straight away, but may snare them by a limb and leave them suffering.

This bucket trap is a humane way to catch rodents. The rat or mouse harmlessly falls into the bucket and can't get out. Later, you can terminate any caught animals humanely. Or you can take the bucket to a spot far from your home and release the animals there.

Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Humane rat and mouse trap -

Reusable bucket trap

This bucket trap can be used over and over again. Place it close to a wall where you suspect rodent activity. After you dispose of the mice and rats caught in the trap, you can set it up again. It's a good idea to use gloves to handle the trap. Vermin may carry diseases that can be passed onto humans.

When you want to clean the trap, simply remove the lid from the bucket. Wash the lid and bucket out with soap and water, or use bleach.

Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Reusable bucket trap -

Catch several mice at a time

Here's another advantage of this trap over other rodent control methods. You can catch several mice or rats at a time. Snap traps or glue traps can only catch one or at most a couple of animals. Do you have a serious pest problem? Use a bucket trap. It will hold at least 30 mice, and around 10 medium-sized rats.

If you have a wide area to cover, consider using several bucket traps. That way you'll increase the chances of catching more pests.

Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Catch several mice at a time -

Non-toxic and pet friendly

This bucket trap for rats and mice is safe to use around pets. It doesn't use any poison, spring traps, or glue. So your cat or dog won't be harmed if they inadvertently come across the trap. You can use a bucket trap in your garage or shed, barn, outdoors, or even inside if necessary.

Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Non-toxic and pet friendly -

Technical characteristics :

  • Lid diameter: 30 cm
  • Lid height: 8 cm
  • Color: yellow
  • Material: PP plastic
    Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x bucket lid trap with swing platform (bucket not included)

    1 x click-on ramp for bucket

    Bucket Rat and Mice Trap - Package -
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    ha funcionado perfectamente el primer dia. Muy satisfecho .