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  • Versatile

  • Efficient cutting

  • Built-in safety lock

  • Ergonomic design

  • Easy to use

Improve your work efficiency, save time and get better results with this excellent rotary cutting tool.

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Versatile Tool

There are several different types of blades and cutters, all commonly used for different purposes. Usually, each blade type is a poor substitute for another. This may have something to do with their different blade quality or design. There are exceptions and examples of multi-purpose blades here and there. You should note that when it comes to multi-purpose, versatile blades, you really can’t do better than this rotary cutter. Where most cutting appliances have just one blade or at most two, this cutter has five blades! So its high efficiency and versatility should come as no surprise.

This roller cutter can be used by dressmakers to cut fabrics and by quilters as a quilting cutting tool. It can also be employed in cutting paper, cardboard, vinyl, leather, tarp, upholstery, fleece, felt, and even plastic!

Fabric Roller Cutter - Versatile Tool -

Efficient Cutting

How can a cutting tool be efficient? Well, are you a dressmaker or someone who frequently has to cut materials like fabrics, vinyl, paper, upholstery, and so on? At some point, you've probably had experiences of difficult-to-cut materials that really stressed you out. You'll likely agree that a cutting tool with a sharper blade would undoubtedly have made your work easier.

Suppose you've also done several DIY projects involving cutting fabric, paper, and other materials. In that case, you'll also relate to having a sharp cutting tool that improves your efficiency. So, in essence, an efficient blade is a necessity, right?

This cutting tool sports five excellently sharp 45mm cutting blades. These blades make it able to cut through several layers of material (e.g. cotton fabric) with ease! This helps you save time and energy. How’s that for efficiency?

Fabric Roller Cutter - Efficient Cutting -

Built-in Safety Lock

When it comes to handling tools, especially ones that could easily cause damage (for example, cutting tools), safety is always important. Many cutting appliances are designed with a good handle and blade case as a safety feature. This cutter, however, takes safety to a whole new level with a built-in safety lock.

The blades of this tool can be locked while in use or secured inside the handle when not in use, thanks to a dual-action safety lock activated or deactivated by a button.

Fabric Roller Cutter - Built-in Safety Lock -

Ergonomic Design

Suppose you have a lot of experience using cutting appliances. Or you might have been in situations where you had to cut materials for long periods of time. In that case, you know how important it is for your cutting tool to have a comfortable design. Unfortunately, many tools have handles that are too long or don't have the right balance. All of these add more strain to your hands while you're using them. This discomfort could develop into pain when you have to keep cutting for extended periods.

That's why this roller cutter is perfectly balanced and has an ergonomic handle. This helps to reduce hand strain, fatigue and stress while working. That way you can use the blade comfortably for extended periods.

Fabric Roller Cutter - Ergonomic Design -

Easy To Use

The cutter tool is also easy to use. The blades are easy to replace, and the built-in safety feature can be engaged or disengaged at the push of a button. Certainly no complications here! This roller cutter with its five blades is the perfect addition to your work kit.

Fabric Roller Cutter - Easy To Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless Steel Blade + ABS Handle
  • Blade size: 45mm
  • Blades included: 5
  • Cutter length: 16.5 cm
    Fabric Roller Cutter - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Rotary Cutter

    5 x Cutter blades

    Fabric Roller Cutter - Package -
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