Telescopic rubber sweeper

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  • Multi surface

  • Adjustable length

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Resistant rubber

  • Hangable handle

Clean your floor and your windows quickly and efficiently with this easy-to-use Telescopic rubber sweeper.

Rubber Sweeper with Telescopic Rod | Rubber broom with telescopic rod - Ozerty

Adjustable sweeper

Clean your floors with easy without back pain with this telescopic sweeper made up of stainless steel poles that are adjustable and give you a durable telescopic rod with a length of 135cm.
The long sweeper allows you to clean safely high-to-reach areas anywhere in your house or garage such as tall windows or difficult corners.
The rubber brush head is also wide enough (31cm) to swipe dust and animal hairs from the floor in a single go, without scratching your tiles or leaving dirt behind.

Telescopic rubber sweeper - Adjustable sweeper - Ozerty

Easy to assemble

The package will arrive in 3 parts, one squeegee head and two adjustable poles. It takes no more than a minute to assemble the brush head to the sectional poles and start cleaning at home when there are hairs or a spill. The fixed clasp at the handle allows you to have a good grasp of the rod sweeper and to reach difficult areas in your bathroom, kitchen surfaces, swimming pool, and high house windows.

Telescopic rubber sweeper - Easy to assemble - Ozerty

Multi-purpose broom

The telescopic rubber sweeper is designed with a high-quality rubber head which works both as a floor and window squeegee. It wipes water and other liquids away from tiles, laminate, hardwood floors, and ceramic tiles in your house or flat.

The sweeper is also suitable for cleaning hairs, dust, and dirt from concrete floors in the garage, on your balcony, patio or front porch. The rubber head also serves as a window wiper to spray and clean your house windows without using chairs or unsafe stools.

Telescopic rubber sweeper - Multi-purpose broom - Ozerty

Easy to clean

Constructed to work as a multi-surface cleaning tool, this rubber broom cleans windows and floors comfortably in one sweep without giving you back pains.
The tall and adjustable length and the comfortable handle allow you to wipe efficiently the interior and the exterior of your house with minimum effort. Rubber is well known as easy to clean material and very flexible to catch all the dust at once on any corner and below heavy furnitures.

Telescopic rubber sweeper - Easy to clean - Ozerty

Compact design

Thanks to its telescopic rod, the brush can be extended to a maximum length for cleaning high areas in a second and relief your back while cleaning. Once you have wiped the hairs, dust, or dirt away, the head can easily be washed for your next use.

The brush is lightweight and compact so when the rod is reduced, the telescopic sweeper can be stored easily in a cupboard. The hangable handle also allows you to hang it in the kitchen, in a closet or in the garage without taking any space.

Telescopic rubber sweeper - Compact design - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Abs plastic + stainless steel
  • Colours: gray / green / pink / khaki
  • Dimensions extended : 135cm x 31cm
  • Mop head & broomstick material: Rubber
    Telescopic rubber sweeper - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1x Magic Broom

    Squeegee head

    3 sectional poles




    Telescopic rubber sweeper - Package - Ozerty
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