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Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra

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  • Stretchy

  • No underwire

  • Supportive

  • Wide straps

  • Spandex blend

Looking for the perfect complement for your wardrobe? This stylish bra is breathable and supportive and is made of a stretchy spandex blend.

seamless lacy bra | supportive stretchy bra | elastic lacy bra -

Comfortable yet Stylish Bra

Are you tired of standard bras with their underwire and limiting shape? Are you looking for a bra that’s comfortable to wear all day? Well, look no further! This seamless bra is one of the most comfortable you’ll ever wear.

It’s made of a breathable, lacy spandex blend. You can wear it all day since the fabric has a woven, open pattern. The pattern is a cute, sexy floral one. The bra has wide straps. Let us tell you more below!

Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Comfortable yet Stylish Bra -

Stretchy, Elastic Weave

This bra is woven in an open lattice made of a spandex blend. You’ll be amazed at how elastic it is! Even though it doesn’t have any clips or fasteners, you’ll easily be able to put the bra on by pulling it over your head.

The fabric is extremely comfortable, lightweight and flexible. You won’t even notice you’re wearing it! It won’t restrict your movements at all. The straps are also extra wide and are woven into the bra’s cut itself, not separately sewn on. You’ll love the feeling of being able to lift your arms above your head without having thin bra straps cutting into your shoulders.

Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Stretchy, Elastic Weave -


This bra doesn’t have any uncomfortable underwire. Rather, it has a supportive insert. It’s a removable pad that adds a little extra lift to the bra. It’s a comfortable way to give your bust a bit more shape.

And thanks to the bra’s wide coverage, including the elastic base and sides, it can give you more support. Since the bottom of the bra is elastic, even when you run or jump the bra won’t fall down. And what if you don’t like wearing tight shirts because they highlight your bulges? This bra will help smooth out the bulges on your back and under your arms for a softer look. It’s not just all about your bust - your back should look good too!

Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Supportive -

Lacy Style

Why is lace so popular? It’s because stretchy lace doesn’t put pressure on your skin. Since it’s not tight-fitting, you’ll feel free and able to move any way you like. And since it’s a soft, gentle fabric, you’ll also be looking after your skin. You won’t find nasty dents and marks on your shoulders, bust, and back when you take this bra off. Your only problem will be choosing the colour you like for the day!

Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Lacy Style -

A Unique, Flattering Shape

Thanks to the v-neck shape, you can use this bra instead of wearing a top underneath your clothes. For example, you might have a low-cut dress that you like to wear a camisole under. But the glimpse of the sexy lace of your bra will provide plenty of coverage.

And don’t forget, your bra is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. It’s an important layer that your outer clothing needs to look good. That’s why you should choose your bras carefully. Go for comfort and style with this seamless lacy bra!

Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - A Unique, Flattering Shape -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: spandex blend
  • Cut: woven one-piece with insert
  • Colours: nude, black, gray, green, pink, orange
  • Sizes: Medium (40 to 53kg), Large (53 to 63kg), Extra large (63 to 70kg), 2 extra large (70 to 80kg)
    Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x seamless bra with insert

    Seamless Breathable Lacy Bra - Package -
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