Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover

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  • Hygienic

  • Heat Resistant

  • Easy to maintain

  • Multi-support

  • Beautiful design

Protect your stove from spills when cooking with this heat-resistant silicone lid that filters steam.

Silicone saucepan cover | spill-proof silicone pot lid | steam-filtering silicone pan cover - Oustiprix


This heat resistant silicone lid is ideal for keeping a stovetop, hob and gas cooker clean when cooking. Place this silicone lid on your pots, pans and more to stop boiling water, grease, oil, tomato sauce and other sauces from spilling out during cooking.

Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Hygienic - Oustiprix

Heat Resistant

Don't worry about burning your hands when cooking. The splashproof lid is heat resistant and thanks to its silicone material it does not heat up. So place and lift the lid at any time without a cloth and you won't burn yourself.

Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Heat Resistant - Oustiprix

Easy to Maintain

Silicone is a very easy material to clean. Whether you clean it by hand with a sponge or throw it in the dishwasher, it will always be clean. The lid is easier to clean than a stainless steel pan lid. Grease does not stick to the silicone.

Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Easy to Maintain - Oustiprix


The non-spill silicone lid can be used on all pan sizes from 10 to 26 centimetres in diameter. It's also handy for covering any pan of the same diameter. Made with two handles on each side of the lid, you can easily hang it up or store it in a drawer after use.

Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Multi-Support - Oustiprix

Beautiful Design

Practical products are always something we want to have, but just because they are practical doesn't mean they have to be boring. That's why this product has an attractive and beautiful design. It's designed to look like a flower with petals that prevent spillage and control steam. Enjoy the benefits and the beautiful design. You can choose between the colours red and green.

Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Beautiful Design - Oustiprix

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Silicone
  • Colours: Red, Green
  • Dimensions: Diameter 25.4 cm
    Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Dimensions - Oustiprix

    Included :

    1x silicone cover

    Saucepan and Pot Silicone Cover - Package - Oustiprix
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    Johnny Andersen

    Silikonlåg til gryder og kasseroller

    Grethe Hagen-Sørensen
    Meget fint silikone låg.

    Købt silikone låg som forhindrer at maden koger over. Jeg ser især frem til at afprøve det på de nye kartofler når det bliver tid til dem igen.