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  • Adjustable brightness

  • Waterproof wire

  • 8 Light mode

  • HD Display

  • Next Gen Chip

Check various inaccessible spaces and and capture images with this high quality smart endoscopic camera

Smart Endoscopic camera | Industrial Endoscope Lens Camera - Ozerty

HD colour screen

This endoscopic camera has a 10,9 cm HD colour monitor with IPS technology (in-plane switching).
You will certainly be interested in the fact that IPS panels are known as having the best viewing angles and colour intensity among the other types of screens. It will provide you clear images in high resolution in order to see every detail of the space you are checking.

Smart endoscopic camera - HD colour screen - Ozerty

High resolution camera

Enjoy images in high resolution up to 1080P. You have an option to take pictures or record videos. With an horizontal viewing angle of 70° and adjustable brightness between 6 and 8 LED do not miss any detail.

Moreover, the front camera has a 5cm-500cm focal length and the side camera - 3cm-500cm which allows you to capture images from a distance even in inaccessible spaces.

Smart endoscopic camera - High resolution camera - Ozerty

Waterproof and resistant

Use the smart endoscopic camera in tight, dusty, wet and dirty spaces with ease and clear definition as it is waterproof (IP68) and designed with resistant semi-rigide cable to get where you cannot. Reach tiny and difficult areas and record video and take pictures up to 5 hours thanks to the the built-in 2600mAh USB rechargeable battery.

Smart endoscopic camera - Waterproof and resistant - Ozerty

Fast and versatile

The device is equipped with 3rd generation chip which makes the image processing faster. The chip and the HD sensor make that the image is captured and displayed in real time so that you can have an insight with ultra clear image into the interior of the spaces you are observing. You can use it for a wide variety of spots to check hydraulic leaks, drain pipes, gas tanks, car parts and many more.

Smart endoscopic camera - Fast and versatile - Ozerty

Multiple wire options

This endoscopic camera is designed to work in a wide variety of close and dark spaces. In order to the distance you need to reach and depending on your needs you can choose between 2m, 5m and 10m cable length.

Additionally, the wire is semi rigid which lets you reach any space you need more comfortably. Even if the space you want to explore is narrow, the lens diameter is 8mm so that you can easily get there.

Smart endoscopic camera - Multiple wire options - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Display size: 10,9 cm
  • Item Weight: 32 g
  • Battery capacity: 2600mA
  • Focal Length: 4 cm - 500 cm
  • Lens diameter: 8mm
  • Resolution: 2.0 megapixels, HD 1920*1080P
  • Waterproof : IP67 type
  • Display modes: Front, Side, Front-Side
    Smart endoscopic camera - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Industrial Endoscope

    1 x Kit of accessories - a magnet, a hook

    1 x Charging Cable

    1 x User's Manual

    Smart endoscopic camera - Package - Ozerty
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    Antonio Festa
    Telecamera consegnata con molto ritardo ma efficiente

    Sono stato molto preoccupato per la consegna del prodotto, viste le recensioni, anche se con molto ritardo per fortuna ho ricevuto la telecamera endoscopica come da presentazione

    Felicia Scarpa
    ottimo prodotto

    peccato che la scheda per foto e filmati non fosse compresa nell'acquisto

    Ruggero Finotti

    buon prodotto

    francesco demelas
    Ottimo prodotto

    Ritardo Nella consegna tanto da pensare che non sarebbe mai arrivata

    Italo Bertellotti

    Telecamera endoscopica intelligente