Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves

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  • Perfect Protection From Sun

  • Versatile Build

  • Comfortable To Wear

  • Made With Quality Materials

  • Easy To Clean

Ensure your hands are well-protected from the sun while simultaneously staying fashionable with these cute UV-protective cotton gloves.

Sunscreen Cotton Gloves - Female Cotton Summer Gloves - UV-Protective Cotton Gloves -

Perfect Protection From the Sun

Walking around or running errands can get very challenging or uncomfortable on hot days. Prolonged exposure to the sun may lead to all sorts of unwanted side effects, including sunburns. Usually, your clothes effectively protect most of your body; however, your hands are more or less exposed. This is exactly why you need these particular UV-protective cotton gloves.

These gloves have a UV-protective build that ensures you will have access to perfect protection from harmful sun rays. So, in essence, you won’t need to worry about sunburns on your hands; you’ll be well-protected.

Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves - Perfect Protection From the Sun -

Fingerless, Flexible Gloves

Now you’re probably thinking, “These cotton gloves offer excellent protection from the sun, which I really need. However, will I still be able to do other things while wearing the gloves?” Definitely! You see, beyond its excellent sun-protective functionality, it also has a flexible, versatile build. This flexibility ensures you will be able to carry out lots of other activities without any problem.

While wearing these sunscreen gloves, you will also be able to drive, cycle, and even use your smartphone without any problems. The tips of your fingers will stick out of the gloves. How convenient!

Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves - Fingerless, Flexible Gloves -

Comfortable To Wear

Another excellent reason for you to get these sunscreen cotton gloves for yourself is the fact that they are very comfortable to wear. These cotton gloves have a lightweight design and soft texture. This ensures you will be able to wear them for long periods without feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. The gloves also have a breathable design. You will be perfectly comfortable wearing them.

Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves - Comfortable To Wear -

Made With Quality Materials

You may be thinking, “How come these UV-protective gloves are able to provide excellent protection from harmful sun rays and still remain soft and comfortable to wear at the same time?” Good question! The answer to that is quite simple. It’s because they are made with quality materials.

These gloves are made with premium-quality materials that ensure they are durable and can offer much-needed protection from harmful sun rays. The gloves are made with a perfect blend of breathable micro-mesh materials that ensures they can offer excellent UVA/UVB radiation protection.

Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves - Made With Quality Materials -

Easy To Clean

One other great reason why you should consider getting these UV gloves is the fact that they are easy to use and clean. This basically means that you will be able to wash and clean them easily once you’re done using them. They are washing-machine compatible so you can just throw them into the machine after you’re done, and once washed and dried, the gloves will still be in perfect condition.

Stylish UV-Protective Cotton Gloves - Easy To Clean -

Technical characteristics :

  • Style: Black, Gray, Khaki, Light Pink, Purple
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: Palm width 8cm, full length 20cm
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    Included :

    1 x Pair Sunscreen Cotton Gloves






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    UV protective gloves

    Very pretty things and do the job just fine. Good to have fingertips free for phone.

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