High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children

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  • Bright colours

  • Swinging base

  • Boosts creativity

  • Non-toxic and safe

  • Two-players mode

Encourage your children’s creativity, critical thinking and motor skills with this educational 3D Tetris balance game.

Swing stack high child balance toy │ 3D Tetris balance game -

Toy with 3D Blocks

Who hasn´t played the timeless computer game Tetris? Falling colourful blocks have to be cleverly placed in such a way that they were arranged in strict rows. We spent a lot of time playing it when we were children. Some even as adults! And what if there was a 3D version of the Tetris game? Well, it’s right here ready for you to purchase. Give your child hours of fun and educational entertainment with this high balance swing stack toy.

High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Toy with 3D Blocks -

Trendy Design

The design of the toy is based on Tetris. All the blocks are eye-catching thanks to their bright colours and multiple shapes. The set includes blocks in eight different shapes, two blocks each - 16 pieces altogether. The idea is to stack the blocks as high as possible and to prevent all the construction from falling. As the base of the toy swings, playing requires concentration and precision.

Enjoy quality-time playing with your family. As the game is compact, you can easily take it with you to parties, camping or barbecue with your friends. Keep the children busy while you’re relaxing - how convenient!

High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Trendy Design -

Educational Toy

Stacking blocks of different colours can and shapes encourages creativity. This toy is a great tool to boost your child’s critical thinking and brain development. In the case of little children, playing with the blocks can improve grasping ability and hand-eye coordination. The little one will also learn to recognize colours and shapes.

In the case of older children, playing this game will help develop imagination, fine motor skills, operability and problem-solving thinking. Who knows, maybe in the future such structural thinking and design skills will help him or her to get their dream job? Thanks to the two-players mode, you can also bond with your children while you’re spending time with them.

High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Educational Toy -

Safe for Children

It’s safety first when we’re thinking about purchasing a toy for our children. The good news is that all the pieces of this 3D Tetris balance game are made of good quality ABS material. It’s non-toxic and safe for children. Moreover, the material is tasteless and odourless. Crafted with precision, the blocks have smooth edges and will be safe for children’s delicate skin. Everything is carefully designed with the little one’s safety in mind.

High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Safe for Children -

Great Gift Idea

In the modern era of technological innovations and electronic gadgets, a toy that stimulates creativity is a truly original gift. Surprise your child, your niece or your nephew with this amazing swing stack high balance toy. It’s nicely packed and easy to wrap with beautiful gift paper. As it’s lightweight, you can easily mail it if you are not able to give it in person. To give a toy that encourages a child’s creativity and brain development is more than just a gift. It’s a perfect way to show love and care.

High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Great Gift Idea -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Item weight: 200 g
  • Package size: 26 cm x 26 cm x 5 cm
  • Tray size: 5.6 cm x 7 cm
  • Balancing base size: 17 cm x 6 cm
    High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Tray

    1 x Balancing base

    16 x Blocks in different shapes

    High Balance Swing Stack Toy for Children - Package -
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