Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers

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  • Covers imperfections

  • Natural smile

  • Painless

  • Quick application

  • Reusable

Enjoy a perfect, white smile and improve your image within seconds with this reusable, painless tooth cover.

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Dental coverage for perfect smile

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” - have you ever heard that quote by William Arthur Ward? We are all well aware of the great influence that a beautiful smile has on our image, professional and social life and even our self-esteem.

Get yourself an instant youthful smile with this comfortable tooth cover. The improvement is immediate, and you can correct your appearance at once with a low cost.

Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Dental coverage for perfect smile - Ozerty

Covers imperfections

Would you like your teeth to look whiter without using harsh chemicals? Do you have unwanted stains or dental problems you’d like to get rid of, but you can’t afford dental treatment at the moment? Well, the solution is at hand. These dental coverage veneers hide all the imperfections, giving you a beautiful white, flawless smile in a matter of minutes.

Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Covers imperfections - Ozerty


One of the things we fear most about any treatments that have to do with our teeth is pain and discomfort. Well, good news for you now. These veneers will correct your smile in a painless way. The application is really simple.

Moreover, the accessory is fully removable, and the whole process does not cause any unpleasant symptoms or pain. The tooth cover is designed to adapt to your teeth perfectly while you’re wearing it, so it shouldn’t hurt your mouth and disturb while you’re eating and speaking.

Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Painless - Ozerty


As the tooth cover is easily removable, you can use it multiple times. Keep it always at hand to enjoy a beautiful, natural smile and look perfect at any event you attend. Carry it with ease as it’s easy to pack and doesn’t take much space, so you can be prepared at any time. With maintaining proper hygiene of your prothesis, you can make it last much longer.

Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Reusable - Ozerty

Improves self-esteem

Our image is a very important element of our life - it affects how others perceive us, but also how we view ourselves. A beautiful smile can be our greatest social asset, but if we’re aware of some aesthetic defect in our teeth or even worse, if we have a missing tooth, then it can be difficult for us to remain confident and interact with others. Fix this once and for all with a beautiful smile that you can have wearing this elegant denture equipment.

Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Improves self-esteem - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Thickness : 10 mm
  • Color: White
    Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Tooth cover

    Perfect smile dental coverage - comfortable veneers - Package - Ozerty
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    Perfekt smil med tanddækning - komfortable tandcovers