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  • Convenient

  • Multifunctional

  • Intelligent Design

  • Quality Build

  • Easy To Install and Use

Ensure you are always able to easily control your fan’s speed and turn on or off your lights whenever you want with this universal fan remote control.

Universal Fan and Lamp Remote - Universal Ceiling Fan Remote - Universal Fan Remote Control


We’ve all had those moments where you just found that uniquely comfortable spot in your bed only to realize that you didn’t switch off your light or that the fan speed is not exactly what you want. These moments are frustrating, especially since you may not be able to get that particular comfortable pose or position back.

If you want to ensure this never happens again, this universal fan remote is exactly what you need. This is because you will be able to easily use it to adjust what you want without having to get out of bed. So with this remote, you get to enjoy maximum convenience.

Universal Fan Remote Control - Convenient -


Of course, there are several different remote types available for sale on the market these days, so you might be wondering, “why exactly should I settle for this remote when I have several other options?” Good question! This remote has something that you won't find in several other types; a multifunctional build.

This universal fan remote’s multifunctional build ensures, in addition to being able to use it to control your fan speed or switch it on and off, that you will also be able to use it to control your lights. So no more having to get up to turn on or switch off your light; you will be able to do that from the convenience of your bed.

Universal Fan Remote Control - Multifunctional -

Intelligent Design

Another reason why you should consider getting this universal fan remote for yourself is that it has an intelligent design! This intelligent design ensures that the device is mobile app compatible, and it can also function as an RF remote as well. How many remote controls have you come in contact with that are mobile app compatible? Most likely none!

This intelligent design also ensures that this remote is compatible with a lot of ceiling fans and ceiling fan lamp models. Hence, there's a very high probability it will be perfect for yours.

Universal Fan Remote Control - Intelligent Design -

Quality Build

Now you may be wondering, “how come a fan remote has so many different functions? How come it’s so versatile?” The answer to that question is simple; it has a high-quality build! This lamp and fan remote control is made with premium-quality materials that ensure it is sufficiently durable. The buttons are also ergonomically placed, so you will not have issues using the remote.

Universal Fan Remote Control - Quality Build -

Easy To Install and Use

One other great thing about using this remote is that it is very easy to install and use. The remote has a remote control stand that ensures that you will be able to easily mount it on the wall of your room or put it on a table, whichever suits you best.

Universal Fan Remote Control - Easy To Install and Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Working Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Remote Control Distance: More than 20 meters
  • Ceiling Fan: Max.300W
  • Incandescent Lamp: Max.1000W
  • LED /Energy saving lamp: Max. 200W
    Universal Fan Remote Control - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Receiver

    1 x Wall Mount

    1 x Hand-held Remote (batteries not included)

    1 x instruction manual



    Universal Fan Remote Control - Package -
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