Universal Safety Belt Extender

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  • Seat Belt Extender

  • Allows more space

  • Versatile Belt Extender

  • Strong Materials

  • Simple & Safe

Get those extra centimetres to make you car ride comfortable with the universal safety belt extender.

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Strong Materials - Simple & Safe Belt Extender -

Seat Belt Extender

This seat belt extender gives you that extra space you need to feel comfortable in your car. Whether you are a plus-size person, pregnant, wear a lot of equipment, or just need those extra centimetres to feel ride comfortably in your car. The seat belt extender fits smoothly around your body without squeezing anywhere. Your belt will never be too tight again. Remember to measure the size of your current seat belt and the metal tongue before buying the extender. It is easy and simple. You just click the extender in and then you are ready for the road trip.

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Seat Belt Extender -

Breathe Again

There is nothing worse than the seat belt being too tight and you not being able to breathe or relax. This seat belt extender will remove this problem for you and make the ride comfortable. Maybe you are or have seniors in your family with a limited mobility range. This extender can help them get buckled up easier. Or maybe you are a police officer or have another official title that requires you to wear lots of equipment on you. You can wear almost anything when using this extender.

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Breathe Again  -

Versatile Belt Extender

Another usage of the seat belt extender is for baby or child seats. If your current seat belt is not long enough this extender will come in handy. It can also help the seniors in your family reach the belt. Maybe someone in your family had surgery and needs, not only the extra length but also for it to be comfortable. The seat belt extender can help you with all these situations and much more. It is simple, safe, and comfortable for the body. The seat belt extender is in normal colours black, metal, and red. Just like the traditional seat belts.

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Versatile Belt Extender -

Strong Materials

The seat belt extender is made from premium No. 5. Stainless steel and strong polyester materials. This gives you a seat belt that has high tensile strength and that does not tear. You can feel completely safe and confident that you and your loved ones are safe when you are on the road. All at the same time as being comfortable while driving your car. The seat belt extender is durable and designed with the same qualities as regular seatbelts. This provides the safest experience for you and your family.

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Strong Materials -

Simple & Safe

You can use the seat belt extender immediately after it arrives! Just open the package and take it to your car! No installation needed. Click it into your current seat belt buckle and you are good to go. Just like that, you can drive your car comfortably and without irritations from a tight seat belt. Your seatbelt will never feel too tight again and you will not struggle while putting your seat belt on. All while knowing you are safe and obeying the law. The seat belt extender is easy, simple, and safe for everyone to use!

Universal Safety Belt Extender - Simple & Safe  -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material type: ABS, Stainless steel, Polyester
  • Total length: Approx. 36 cm
  • Suitable for seat belts with: Tongue length: 30mm & Tongue width: 20mm-22mm
  • Weight: 0.2kg
    Universal Safety Belt Extender - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Universal Safety Belt Extender

    Universal Safety Belt Extender - Package -
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    Miguel Quiros

    Buen servicio para q ampliar si con esto vale RECOMENDADO

    Håkon Stålesen

    Universal bilbelteforlenger

    Laurence Bertapelle

    Ayant des problemes de surpoids, je n'étais pas confortablement attaché en voiture, désormais je peux etre confortable

    Gerald Gaston

    Awesome device, makes driving on the job much moy safe & comfortable, just wish the price was in a more economically adjusted price range, but overall does the job above all expect, thank you, God Bless 👍

    José Luis Montero Tordesillas
    Cumple perfectamente

    Como en el título cumple perfectamente