Beautiful Rose LED Balloon

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  • Different LED colours

  • Built to last

  • Thoughtful gift

  • Simple, unique design

  • Perfect for decorating

Set the perfect romantic mood and communicate your emotions perfectly with this beautiful rose LED balloon decoration.

Valentine's Day Rose LED Light Balloon - Transparent Balls with LEDs and Flower - Beautiful Rose LED Balloon -

Perfect For Decorating

Making the right item choice for decorating your home interior is very important. This is because these decoration items usually set the mood and affect the ambience of your home. There is also the fact that your home as a whole is only as beautiful as the individual parts it's made of.

If you're looking to set a romantic mood, this stunning rose LED balloon is precisely what you need. Nothing says romance louder than roses, right? Also, the only thing more romantic than a rose bouquet is a single rose artfully presented. This item, however, also has colourful LED lights that help accentuate that romantic feel.

Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Perfect For Decorating -

Built to Last

One problem with many items used for aesthetic purposes is that, more often than not, they're fragile and don't last long. This is further highlighted by the fact that they often can't be used for any other occasion beyond what you initially use them for. This beautiful LED rose ballon, however, is different. The rose flower is bionic in nature, so it lasts way longer than regular roses. Also, the balloon's material is high-quality latex. This ensures that it won't burst easily.

Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Built to Last -

Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift

Giving gifts is a lot of fun. But it can also be a lot of work. This is because, for a gift to mean something to the person you want to give it to, it has to have several qualities. It has to be thoughtful, unique and beautiful. It also has to have a uniqueness that sets it apart from other gifts. This is precisely what this rose LED balloon gives you.

If there ever was a gift that could accurately express to your loved ones how you feel without any extra word or note, this is it!

Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Beautiful and Thoughtful Gift -

Simple and Unique Designs

You'll often see many flashy, loud, and complex items people use as gifts to each other. The truth, however, is that when it comes to giving gifts to people, the simpler ones usually have the most significant impact. A well-chosen yet simple gift conveys deep emotions better than flashy or loud gifts.

Simplicity in gifting doesn't get better than giving a flower. Flowers, especially roses, have been used over the ages as gifts. There's just something simple and yet captivating about giving flowers as a gift. This rose LED builds on and improves this simplistic design by encasing the flowers in perfectly circular balloons with LEDs. This makes for a very unique yet simple item design.

Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Simple and Unique Designs -

Perfect DIY Gift

Another thing that makes this gift so special is the fact that it's a DIY gift. You get to take your time and assemble the parts yourself. This makes it a very thoughtful gift as well. Your loved one will definitely appreciate how much effort and devotion you put into this. It will also make them feel a lot more special knowing you think they're worth the time you put into getting them this gorgeous rose LED balloon.

Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Perfect DIY Gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PVC
  • Shape: Round
  • Colors: Red, White, Sunflower, Pink, Blue
  • Pieces: 3PCS, 5PCS, 10PCS
    Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Dimensions -

    Included :

    (Quantities varies depending on choice: 3,5 or 10)
    Handmade rose

    PVC ball

    Matching ribbon

    70 cm special balloon tow bar

    Fairy veil and 1 wrapping paper

    Warm colour string lights x 3 metres

    Beautiful Rose LED Balloon - Package -
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