Retractable Vampire Fangs

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  • Perfect Halloween Costume Addition

  • Unique Retractable Design

  • Comfortable Wear

  • Durable and Safe

  • Easy To Use

Amp up the fright levels and give your costume that perfect realistic touch it needs with these vampire fangs.

Vampire Teeth - Halloween Retractable Vampire Teeth - Retractable Vampire Fangs -

Perfect Halloween Costume Addition

Halloween is just around the corner, and preparations are already in full swing. However, the problem with most Halloween costumes is the fact that they just aren’t real or convincing enough, and this is true where vampire costumes are concerned. Many costume shops don’t even bother with adding fangs to vampire costumes, but the fangs really play a significant role in selling the vampire look.

So, if you’re looking to add vampire fangs to your Halloween costume, these retractable vampire fangs are the perfect option for you. These fangs will take your costume to a whole new level and give it that dash of originality and genuineness, and this ensures that you’ll stand out anywhere you are.

Retractable Vampire Fangs - Perfect Halloween Costume Addition -

Unique Design

These vampire fangs have a unique design. Many vampire costume options available for sale are pretty generic in that they tend to have the same design and build. However, these fangs really seem to pop out, perfect for giving a fright to anyone you spring it on. Cool right? They also retract when you close your mouth, so they won't be uncomfortable to wear. Why not try them out at the next costume party you go to?

Retractable Vampire Fangs - Unique Design -

Comfortable Wear

Another problem associated with most of the Halloween vampire fang options available on the market is that they can be pretty uncomfortable to wear for long periods. This is largely due to the fact that they don’t retract, meaning you’ll have to keep your mouth practically open the whole time you’re wearing it. There’s also the fact that a lot of these fang options do not fit on your teeth well enough, so they’ll likely keep falling off while you’re wearing them.

Unlike these other options, however, these retractable fangs are comfortable to wear because they are retractable and they fit snugly in your mouth. So, you’ll be able to wear them for as long as you want without issues.

Retractable Vampire Fangs - Comfortable Wear -

Durable and Safe

Now you may be wondering, “Exactly how safe is this vampire fang for me to wear since I’m probably going to be wearing it for long periods?” Your concern is a very valid one; however, you’ll be pleased to know that these retractable vampire fangs are totally safe to wear, so there’s no reason for worrying about poisoning or hurting yourself. The fangs are also pretty durable, so they won’t break easily.

Retractable Vampire Fangs - Durable and Safe -

Easy To Use

One other thing that makes these vampire fangs a more than decent addition to your costume is that they are easy to use. Unlike other fang options that require some gum or adhesive to stay in place, all you need to fix these fangs is to simply place them over your teeth. That’s all; they will remain perfectly in place.

Retractable Vampire Fangs - Easy To Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 6 x 2.6cm
  • Colour: white
    Retractable Vampire Fangs - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Vampire fangs

    1 x case

    Retractable Vampire Fangs - Package -
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    Anne Hege Linde Gundersen
    Could Use Improvement

    Selv om Ozerty-nettstedet har potensial, tror jeg det er områder som kan forbedres. For eksempel kan produktbeskrivelsene være mer detaljerte, og nettstedet kan dra nytte av flere brukeranmeldelser for å hjelpe til med kjøpsbeslutninger. Alt i alt en grei opplevelse, men det er definitivt rom for forbedringer.